Chinese Restaurant


When it comes to a Chinese Restaurant in Carmel Valley, CA, China Café is the best. We have chefs that know the subtlety of Chinese cooking from any region of the country. You can come dine in and see for yourself, our menu is second to none in the greater San Diego area. There are not many other Chinese Restaurants that have the chefs who are qualified to cook food from all regions of China. This is not a buffet style restaurant. Our food is made to order and you will taste the difference when comparing us to other Chinese restaurants in the area. In conjunction with our great Chinese food menu, we also have a great selection of beer and wine. Not only do we have all of your favorite Domestic beers available, but we do also have a great selection of wine as well. Tsingtao and Kirin Ichiban are also on the menu, not to mention Sho Chiku Bai sake and Gekkeikan Nigori sake to boot. We will provide you with the most excellent service because we pride ourselves in having the best and most varied menu of any other Chinese Restaurant around. Our goal is for you to return again and again with your family for years to come. Being part of the community at large is important to us so we go the extra mile to make sure we are in good standing in Carmel Valley and the cities in the greater San Diego area that we service. You can come dine in and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Come in and take advantage of all that China Café has to offer you. When it comes to a Chinese Restaurant, we are the best! Stop in today.